Open source tools to make conversational AI happen

Everyone is talking about next-generation bots. Here are the tools to really build them.

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Conversational AI will dramatically change how your customers interact with you

Rasa NLU & Core

Open Source Software that Powers Conversational AI

Rasa is the only solution on the market that allows for more human-like dialogue, trained using interactive and supervised machine learning.

Rasa Enterprise Offering

Software & Support to Get You Ahead

We offer a series of additional software and support packages for our enterprise customers.

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Turn natural language into structured data with Rasa NLU

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Be independent & don’t rely on 3rd party APIs

Process messages internally and save network overhead

Tune models and get peak performance

Manage your dialogue with machine learning and let it improve with every conversation with Rasa Core

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Make your bot smarter without further complicating your code

Handle layered, contextual conversations

Stop wasting time debugging your state machine