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You can do more with Rasa than you might think

At Rasa we create tools and services that allow you to build next-generation conversational AI into your company’s core functions that go way beyond customer support.

Already today our software handles use cases such as invoice management, giving your company human oversight and control of AI conversations, handling queries of customer data such as account status.

Conversational Contract and Invoice management

Rasa is great at figuring out your customer’s identity and handling related contract and invoice conversations. Uniquely, everything is on-premise and behind your firewall.

A screenshot of the Rasa AI solving a customer's problem

Lets you keep control over AI conversations

While autonomous conversational AI is great, many of our enterprise clients want to keep human oversight and control over conversations. We have software that allows you to do just that.

Connects to your enterprise data warehouse architecture

Behind their firewalls, enterprises have extensive data warehouses. Banks, for example, have sensitive data like a customer’s account status. With Rasa you can create conversational AI on top of that data.

Case Study: Insurance

Proof of Concept: Automating a significant amount of customer requests for ERGO, a leading insurance company, with our AI platform.


We were approached by ERGO, who wanted to explore the potential of bots, reduce costs in their customer service operations and allow for 24/7 uptime.


Basic chatbots and IVR systems are usually more frustrating than helpful. Advanced, human-like bots are difficult to build in-house and require expensive, specialised AI/machine learning talent.


Using the Rasa AI platform, we were able to run a successful proof of concept that has the potential to automate over 30% of customer requests as a first step towards full automation. The PoC consisted of four main phases:

  • 1) Data Access: Analysed 10,000+ real customer service conversations and identified biggest levers.
  • 2) Bot Workshop: Defined potential use cases and aligned stakeholders.
  • 3) Development: Developed and trained most impactful bot skills and deployed for an internal test on Facebook Messenger.
  • 4) Testing: Rasa’s solution was selected as the best performing among 3 other vendors in an extensive test.

Next Step

Integration of Rasa AI into the live chat environment of ERGO Direkt and interaction with customers (“Go live”).

A demo of the Rasa integration

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