Rasa Platform kick-starts your deployment with enterprise-grade features and support

Additional features and support help enterprises to develop and run the Rasa Stack within a large organisation and to collaborate with multiple stakeholders and team members

Use the open source Rasa Stack to build conversational software that really works for the enterprise: on-premise, true behind-the-firewall installation, compliance with various regulations, no vendor lock in. And, if you want to, benefit from the Rasa Platform.

Rasa Stack

Open Source

Free to use in any project. Released under the Apache License 2.0.

Rasa NLU

Rasa Core

Community Support on Gitter and Github

Rasa Platform

Paid Subscription

All features from the Rasa Stack, plus.

Collaborative Model Training

Data Sync

Automated Testing

Human Handoff

Expert Support for Rasa Stack and Platform - Enterprise-grade SLAs available

*24/7 support available upon request

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