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Use the power of conversational AI to provide better customer service, increase the self service offer and engage with your user across channels.

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Let Rasa’s AI handle common requests, process payments and engage with your customer on any channel.

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Case Study: Proof of Concept

A personal finance assistant to automate customer service requests for Raiffeisen, a leading bank, with the Rasa AI platform


We were approached by RAIFFEISEN, who wanted to explore the potential of conversational AI in order to introduce a personal finance assistant and automate customer service requests for a better user experience as well as higher customer satisfaction.


Providing an excellent user experience to automate customer service requests requires top notch conversational AI. However, current rule-based approaches can’t handle this effectively on a human intelligence level.


Using our Rasa AI platform including the NLU and Dialogue management systems, which are based on the latest deep learning methods, Rasa implemented a successful proof of concept for internal validation. The production process was structured as follows:

  • 1) Use Case Workshop: Analysed problems and potential applications with employees from respective departments.
  • 2) Development: Developed and trained five impactful skills like the request of the account balance - deployed for an internal test on FB Messenger. A voice skill was implemented to cover Swiss German Voice requests with an advanced bot personality.
  • 3) Testing: Extensive testing setup along the bot development with supervision, KPI reporting and user questionnaire.

Next Step

Evaluation of further use case developments along conversational AI strategy building.

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