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Use Rasa to build conversational software that really works for the enterprise: open source, on-premise, true behind-the-firewall installation, compliance with various regulations, no vendor lock in. And, if you want to, benefit from our support packages and enterprise support.

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Open Source


Free to use on any project. Released under the Apache License 2.0.

The Rasa Stack

Rasa NLU

Rasa Core



Available as a Development (6 month) or Production (12 month) subscription.

The Rasa Stack

Rasa NLU

Rasa Core


Admin Interface

Collaborative Model Training

Automated Testing

Human Handoff


Business Hours Support

*24/7 support available upon request

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Get support for the full conversational AI implementation roadmap in your company, together with our AI strategy and recommendations for high-impact use cases

Work with core developers of the Rasa stack and get advice on model architectures and how to get the best performance out of your models

Work with a dedicated Rasa account manager to coordinate each stage of the project - from designing the conversational AI all the way to testing and deployment

Book a customized training bootcamp to equip your entire engineering organisation with the relevant machine learning and conversational AI skills