Why Rasa For Enterprise?

With Machine Learning at its core, Rasa gives enterprises the tools to build more sophisticated and scalable conversational software based on open source.

We work with leading enterprises to accelerate their development of conversational AI on top of our open source tools with our subscriptions.

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6 key reasons why the world's leading enterprises pick Rasa

Latest AI Research Included

Conversing like humans is hard. That's why we collaborate with leading universities like University of Edinburgh, Cambridge University and TU Delft

Production Proven

Hundreds of companies like ERGO and Helvetia already run Rasa in production.

Fully Customizable

Integrate Rasa with your custom front- and backends to create the best experience for your customers.

Full Control Through Open Source

Run Rasa on prem or on your favourite cloud provider and keep full control of your conversational and user data.

Highly Scalable Through Machine Learning

Rasa Core empowers layered, contextual conversational agents that use machine learning instead of hand-coded rules.

Works on All Platforms

Integrate Rasa with your favourite text or voice channel. From your website or in-app chat to Amazon Alexa, we've got you covered.

You want to accelerate your development on top of our open source Rasa Stack?