How to work with us

Leading enterprises work with us to accelerate their development of conversational AI on top of our open source tools

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Professional Services

We select a few leading customers every year, and build customised conversational AI together with them on top of our open source framework.

Data Generation

Labeled conversation data is crucial for the training our deep learning models. We apply different strategies, including internal and external crowdsourcing of training data, to ensure our algorithms reach a high confidence level.


We work with companies to support the full conversational AI roadmap. We make data-driven recommendations for the most high-impact use cases, the implementation roadmap, and the most effective AI strategy.


We deliver the full development and implementation. A dedicated project manager ensures a smooth running of the project and coordinates all relevant experts at each stage of the project, from designing the conversational AI all the way to testing and deployment.


We offer customized training to get your engineers started with Rasa. This empowers your engineering organisation with the relevant Machine Learning and conversational AI skills to get a kickstart.

Enterprise-grade Support

Running software in production has different requirements than just playing around with it. We know that, and can support you with SLAs, depending on your needs.


Combine our world-leading open source software with add-ons that help you run Rasa in production with even less effort and training data.

Integrated Visual Training Interfaces

Production Quality Servers

Updates and support for previous versions

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